Jungli Warrior | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 2, 2023

Jungli Warrior

By Monica Dogra with 7

music video · Short Films · english

With an intense colour palette of crimson and a sound aesthetic of the EDM genre, Jungli Warrior is about reclaiming your space and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Released as part of Monica Dogra's latest EP, Seeing Red, the song will definitely catch your attention for its music, vocals and visuals of Indian ghats and fares. Borrowing several symbols from Hinduism and traditional Indian asceticism, it follows three women in different but linked locations, with the trio being led by a stunning Dogra. The song is deliberately shot and performed in a surreal manner with sounds and colours bleeding into each other. This is perhaps also something that will make it stay with you long after you're done watching and listening to it.
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