Jugni | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 30, 2021


By Hitesh Dhawan with 6.3

drama · Short Films

When the film opens, we are introduced to a visibly harried man who is looking for someone called Jugni. At this juncture, the viewer is kept unaware if Jugni is a pet, a child or perhaps someone else. The narrative gradually reveals it to be not only a doll, but also an indispensable companion to the protagonist.

As he begins to detail his day for the doll, we are allowed a deeper glimpse into this relationship. Though such a premise could eventually lead to a more grim mood, the idea of a man living by himself and constantly invested in an engaging conversation with an inanimate object, the narrative chooses to not go down that road. It instead shows the man's reliance on the doll. This is followed by his neglect towards it when life gets him preoccupied with other people, only to find his way back to it again as fate deals him a card defined by betrayal, heartache and hurt.
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