Journey of a Housewife to a Rider | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month January 2022

Journey of a Housewife to a Rider

By Kahanikar Saromi with 7.2

documentary · Short Films

The documentary, with its seamless, skilled camerawork and intelligent visual storytelling, introduces you to Parul Chauhan, a homemaker in a corner of Delhi, and her relationship with her motorcycle. Through her story and experiences, the film offers a pertinent comment on the location of women in a society where women like Chauhan are still anomalies and possible only due to a fortunate and near-perfect alignment of several moving parts - the most important of them all being a supportive family.

As Chauhan takes us deeper into her world, we are introduced to how her riding allowed her to overcome several health problems. She further asserts that she hopes and plans to leave the women around her with the same indomitable spirit as her by teaching them to drive two-wheelers as well.
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