Jasmine | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 30, 2022


By Prithviraj Das Gupta with 6.8

horror · Short Films · hindi

The world of 'Jasmine' is dark, shadowy and constituted by tales of the supernatural. Alina, a single mother in Kalimpong inhabiting her ancestral property with her daughter Jasmine, often hosts men as guests in her homestay. Implicit in this are the sexual liaisons that are shared between the host and her guests.

Once the premise has been established, the story begins with the arrival of Kush all the way from Delhi. As the plot progresses, young Jasmine is located at the heart of the developing drama, revealing to both Kush and the viewer a world of violent rituals, sacrifices and human skulls, all in the name of a deity that requires appeasement by a terrible annual act.

The film notably blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, with a dual narrative coming into existence between Jasmine and her mother. Uncertainty engulfs the plot, making it a defining aspect, leaving the viewer with multiple versions of the truth, and in the process, foiling their desires of a neat conclusion in a deliberate, and entertaining manner.
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