Jaan-e-Jahaan | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 5, 2024


By Blackeye Entertainment Llp with 7

romance · Short Films · hindi

The film builds itself around Pawan and Gunja’s love story. The opening scene establishes the intimacy and affection the two share. However, soon a reality unfolds which is in direct contrast to the romance conjured so far.

Gunja is trapped in a loveless marriage where she has had little to no say in her decisions right from the beginning. Pawan, on the other hand, struggles to create a life where he can attain union with his beloved. The film, thus develops to not only give a glimpse into their love story but also ropes in unexpected and completely shocking moments of thrill, violence, and things going terribly awry.

The chemistry of the actors, which constitute this fateful love triangle, brings to life skilled performances, that bolster the narrative markedly. The choice of the background score and original soundtrack also evidence investment of thought, and competitiveness, all of which together ensure that the final result is an engaging ride that will keep the viewer involved right till the end.
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