Is That You? | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 23, 2023

Is That You?

By Nikhil Gaikwad with 6.7

drama · Short Films · hindi

Trigger warning: self-harm

A deeply troubled man stands before a noose, about to take his life by suicide when the most unexpected stranger runs into him. Once the suicide attempt is halted, an entirely new conversation ensues. The man, Aditya, who has completely given up on life, is engaged in an exchange by the stranger, Abhinav, who makes him question the folly of his decision, with the reminder of the pain and grief that would be left behind if he ends his life.

The writing of the film, and particularly Aditya’s character, brings in a sense of having been betrayed by others, lied to by your loved ones who either only pretend to care, or simply dismiss with toxic positivity when one begins to share their sorrow with them.

The performances of the two actors are smooth and free-flowing, allowing the screenplay to exhibit clarity and earnestness. Even if the narrative comes to be marked by a certainty of development, the points it presents remain extremely emphatic and relevant, pronouncing a very important message about mental health.
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