Into the Mind | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 23, 2023

Into the Mind

By Love Kush Pictures with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · hindi

Soon after Om and Amit experiment with DMT, the chaotic, disorienting ride of ‘Into the Mind’ (a play on the phrase about entering a suggested wilderness?) begins. A clandestine ritual with a shaman is coupled with the drug that soon leaves the two men losing a hold on their sanity. Their tryst begins with heady ideas of spirituality, otherworldly creatures, a pursuit of the meaning of existence, with death being a constant thematic concern throughout.

The film’s strongest aspect is its storytelling, and the visual experiments it adopts to portray it. It would have been interesting to see different choices for the background score, especially in the second half when it becomes reminiscent of a very iconic television series, perhaps potentially taking away a little from all that the film has to offer in its own uniqueness and individuality. On the whole, nevertheless, the end result remains earnest, dedicated and deeply engaging for the viewer.
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