Inni | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 7, 2022


By Rey Gang Originals with 6.7

thriller · Short Films · hindi

‘Inni’ is a very sincere endeavor of a young team that exhibits deep promise. The story is about one night of absolute chaos that includes violence, assault, murder, rape, and four characters, , Indra, Inamika, Pratap and Nisha, located at the heart of it all.

As the investigating officers get to the business of cracking this case and finding the true culprit, the narrative invokes loss, regret, malice, cruelty, and an element of song and music to embellish the story. It also does a notable job of keeping the viewer guessing, and therefore engaged, throughout about who the true culprit is.

The writing and visuals evidence skill, even if the casting of the actors exhibits a few hits and misses. The film, however, remains marked by its storytelling and the intentions to weave it all together as a composite, balanced whole.
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