Incognito  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month July 2022


By Ravi Muppa with 7.1

drama · Short Films · hindi

sotmsoty finalist
The world of ‘Incognito’ is squalid and defined by seedy endeavors involving non-consensual porn and trafficking. A receptionist at a hotel has installed secret cameras in a room and the adjoining bathroom to capture intimate acts of couples. These videos are then uploaded on porn sites by him. However, this secret trade one day leads him to the unearthing of deeply troubling truths from which there is no looking away. As he gets involved deeper and deeper into the schemes of a pimp and his exploits pertaining to a woman, a far terrible reality awaits him.

The film employs economy of dialogue, allowing much of the drama to unfold simply by way of visuals. There is further efficient use of the same physical space to achieve it all. At the film's conclusion rests a swift unraveling of events, and deliberate arbitrariness in the manner in which the subsequent pieces fall. What it would mean for the fate of the characters thus becomes an interesting question that the narrative attempts to answer at the end of it all.