I Wish I Were a Superhero | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 3, 2020

I Wish I Were a Superhero

By Rajesh Khuraijam with 6

educational · Short Films · english

With an important message at its core, the film is a sweet story about the hopes and dreams of a child who wants to be a superhero and save lives. It all started for him with a Spiderman mask that his mother got as a toy. Since then, from playing with action figures to watching his favourite superhero on screen to dressing up like him, all his waking hours are spent daydreaming about being Spiderman.

The film is primarily a single-member-crew effort and should be appreciated thus. It also has a relevant social message for the viewer about the absolute need to follow all health guidelines against the coronavirus pandemic and save lives themselves. The two children that the narrative employs to convey this, are adorable and allow the story to put its message across for the audience.
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