Hope | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 31, 2020


By Lenstter Films with 6.8

poetry · Short Films · hindi

The film is marked by its skilled and sophisticated visuals, aptly conveying the sombre mood of the narrative right from the start. However, as the protagonist finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into despair with little to pull him back, an unexpected turn of events await him.

By allowing a voice to all the inanimate objects in his life, the film achieves a moment of light in this black and white world. As stories and memories from the protagonist's life begin to metaphorically flow into the screen, a reality far from this grim world of dejection and defeat is invoked. In the process, the plot, as the title suggests, becomes an engagement with the sentiment of hope, or the lack of it, at different stages of life, and offers a portrayal of how powerful both its absence and presence can be.
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