Holudh Cheethi | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 21, 2020

Holudh Cheethi

By Shivargh Bhattacharya with 6.8

drama · Short Films · bengali

The film gives the impression of being set in a different, slower, solemn time. Accordingly, there is no talk in it. It is only after seven minutes that the first exchange takes place. Until then, a person or a voice only speaks to be heard, not to be spoken to. The film is then, a work that wants to be watched, followed and accompanied.

A man is looking for a house. He is carrying a yellow-coloured letter (holudh cheethi) with him. There’s money he wishes to give to the housemate.

A subtle conundrum looms in the story which the narrative is in no hurry to solve or simplify. It is only towards the very end that the mist begins to clear.
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