Help | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 31, 2022


By Aditya Dn with 6.6

drama · Short Films · kannada

Sister Swathi is a kind-hearted person who has devoted her life to helping others. One day her path crosses with Raju’s, a young boy who makes a living by fulfilling small jobs like selling water at the bus stop or being a porter at the railway station, among others.

When the film opens, we are taken into a non-linear narrative which gradually presents to us this equation between the two characters. Nestled within it are several unresolved concerns which eventually come to weigh on Sister Swathi, leading her to seek counsel from a mental health expert.

The ensuing conversation raises important points about exploitation, tragedy, and the manner in which they come to affect a person’s dreams. The film is a well-intentioned, devoted story about kindness, and providing others the help they need, and not the one that you want to offer. Along with this, it also carries a reminder about letting go of past grievances in order to make way for the joys of the future.
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