Hathkadiyan | Lockdown Film Challenge

Lockdown Film Challenge May 15, 2021


By Sparsh Srivastava with 6.6

comedy · Short Films · hindi

Two boys are cursed to be tied to each other, quite literally, by way of metal handcuffs. Not only are they confined indoors, much to the chagrin of one of them more than the other, but their movements are further restricted due to this forced arrangement.

Stylistically, the film is sleek and upbeat, while generating humour to keep you sufficiently entertained and engrossed throughout, even at the cost of the plight of the two boys. As for the fateful circumstance in which our characters have landed themselves, there indeed exists a solution, but one they are both avoiding like the plague, and yet, the path that leads to it is truly the most unexpected of them all.
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