Happy Birthday | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 11, 2022

Happy Birthday

By Faisal Saleem with 6.7

drama · Short Films · hindi

‘Happy Birthday’ has something very crucial to say. However, it opens with a tonality that is deliberately kept far from that. It is the eve of Anjali’s birthday when the film begins, and she plans a night of fun and enjoyment with her partner, as well as her friends. However, the plan soon seems to be devolving into chaos as one canceled step is followed by another.

At the same time, the narrative has quietly started suggesting that something darker might be lurking right below the obvious, something that would truly be realized at the film’s conclusion. While the night continues to develop, we are taken deeper into the endearing relationship of the two characters. They discuss their equation with the city, Bengaluru, their affection for it, or even the lack of it, laughing about the devotional songs of their ringtones, among other things, all along presenting to us the many innocent and sincere details of their romance.

The exchange helps to serve as an impactful contrast with what eventually follows at the film's disconcerting climax and conclusion. Though requiring a little more finetuning in the department of sound, the film presents an important story. Once the rough edges are ironed out, more such creative endeavors should definitely be interacted with in the future.
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