Happy Anniversary | Lockdown Film Challenge

Lockdown Film Challenge April 27, 2021

Happy Anniversary

By Pranay Aggarwal with 6.6

drama · Short Films · hindi

Amrita waits for her husband on their anniversary. She's planned a small little surprise for him. She is inflating balloons, sprinkling red rose petals, putting decoration pieces across the room. Yet, for all of this infusion of colour, the general vibe is ominous. Instead of being accentuated through complementing music, these gestures are cast in pin-drop silence. A silence so stark that you’re wary of an impending doom.

The day turns to evening, then to night. The balloons are deflating, the decorations are falling off, yet her husband doesn’t arrive. For a brief moment, the narrative gives us momentous, tragic information. Just when we’re on the verge of believing that as truth, we see a key turn in the door handle.
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