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Short Film of the Day March 8, 2024


By Iftikhar Hussain with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

A little boy, equipped with his art supplies, makes his way to a quiet spot in the lap of nature. With mountains as his only companion, he sits down to paint the scene before him. While taking down the scene exactly as it is, he stumbles across a reality he might have missed at first glance. As this alters his approach to his surroundings in particular, and the natural world in general, the film’s core motivation is echoed seamlessly.

Art and its communion with nature lead our young protagonist to a crucial understanding of his immediate reality, further emphasizing how some of the truest, most important lessons are found in a quiet interaction with nature, and not always in classrooms. While adults might sometimes miss this truth, the little boy is quick to grasp it.

By giving a subtle reminder to protect and preserve nature, the film also emphasizes how being aware of one's relationship with the world can also deeply enrich our lives and experiences as people who inhabit it.
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