Grey Solar Game | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 14, 2022

Grey Solar Game

By Seemonta Halder with 6.8

drama · Short Films · bengali

The short film offers a quiet glimpse into both old age and childhood, and the different kinds of limitations that afflict both stages of life. There is further the overlap, the common plain, which is reached by characters that belong to the two. Along with ideas of survival, the relentless human urge to always push forth, to get up again and continue walking, there is also a discussion on the forced maturity that is thrust upon a little girl who acts as guardian to her younger siblings.

All of these thematic concerns are explored by portraying an unfortunate situation that involves three children and an old man. The former exists on the margins of society, along with their dwelling in a remote part of the village. Every day, they head to the house of the old man, doing chores for him. They have found their own stability in this arrangement, even if it still leaves them exposed to the cruelties of a harsh world.

Soon, their reality is also afflicted by a circumstance we are all too familiar with by now, the Covid-19 pandemic. As shops get shut, taking from them their only source of dinner, and the old man takes to his bed, a harsher existence await the three. It is by the delineation of all these hardships that the film offers you insights into despair, poverty, hopelessness, helplessness, and the many obstacles that the children overcome each day, refusing to give in or let go just yet.
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