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Short Film of the Month October 2023


By Ishaan Chaudhari with 7.2

sci fi · Short Films · hindi

sotmsoty 23 finalist
Chirag lives in a strange world with a stranger profession. His job involves delivering messages to people, on behalf of their family members and loved ones, sometimes in the respective patron’s voice, and sometimes even in person. The film offers a seamlessly remarkable endeavor in presenting this reality to the viewer.

Amidst it all is Chirag’s relationship with Sneha, on the verge of collapse primarily as a result of his inability, ironically, to communicate or express himself. His dying relationship is simply symptomatic of society at large, one where the absolute breakdown of communication has left an endless vacuum very swiftly being filled by technology. In our own world where using AI tools to structure our messages and emails, sometimes even personal, intimate conversations, is ubiquitous and commonplace, is the film’s reality truly far-fetched?

Chirag's mental and emotional unraveling is mapped alongside these developments, questions, and their inherent answers. A voice and tonality that is fresh and unique, coupled with strong performances, and a diegetic score together constitute the expert film.
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