Goonj | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 19, 2022


By Saurabh Kolekar with 6.7

horror · Short Films · hindi

Yamini, a paranormal investigator, has arrived at an abandoned, old house, seeking the potential supernatural entities that might inhabit the space. Searching out these stories as part of her profession, she is definitely better equipped to deal with whatever is in store for her than an average person. Yamini's life is further constituted by a loving relationship and equally supportive friends.

The message that is primary to the plot is one about the darkness within and how it can serve as the perfect raw material for all the darkness without. We soon see the truth of this proposition in the events that follow and the manner in which an internal darkness comes to grip Yamini.

The atmosphere of eeriness that ‘Goonj’ conjures for the viewer is sure to stay with them after they are done watching the film. Even though towards the end the narrative loses a little bit of its tautness, the manner in which the world of the film and the story are built remains notable.
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