Golden Jubilee | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month December 2022

Golden Jubilee

By Pawan Kumar Nayak with 7.2

drama · Short Films

sotmsoty 22 finalist
The film introduces us to an elderly couple where both partners wish for an end to this final chapter of their lives, as well as to the isolation and loneliness that define it.

At the heart of this desire is the very pragmatic concern of one of them meeting their end before the other, and therefore leaving the other all alone without a companion. The two lead a comfortable life, and are affectionate towards each other, but find it beyond their might to ward off the many obstacles that are ushered in by old age.

As they seek a final solution to their many problems, the film also endeavors a comment on euthanasia. Despite the thematic concerns, the narrative is never weighed down with sentimentalism, owing to its notable writing. On the contrary, it ropes in lightheartedness, humor, warmth-inducing-chemistry of its actors, and, lastly, an endearing story of a loving couple.
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