Genx 01 | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 24, 2020

Genx 01

By Gaurav R Juyal with 6.4

sci fi · Short Films · english

Locating itself in a dystopic universe where humanity is overpowered by the existence of cyborgs and robots, the film aims to pack several elements of the sci-fi universe within its story. A plot of thrill, the unknown and potential subterfuge is allowed to develop to involve the reader deeper into the narrative as the protagonist attempts to figure his way about this destroyed heap of a colony.

As violence finds its way into the events that are unfolding on screen, new characters are introduced that immediately puts any semblance of certainty the viewer might have had so far into question. While the film is a dedicated and zealous attempt, the events seem to lack coherence sometimes, making it difficult for the unsuspecting viewer to keep track. However, the film, overall remains an honest endeavour leaving the path open for more such projects by the team.
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