Gandhi Virus | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 21, 2023

Gandhi Virus

By Swappnil Tiwari with 7

sci fi · Short Films · hindi

‘Gandhi Virus’ presents a most intriguing world to the viewer, constructed with thoughtfulness and care to ensure the plot is communicated to the viewer with conviction and lucidity.

A man, the protagonist, is desperate and very disturbed on a phone call to his mother. His uncontrollable sobbing gives way to the events of only a few minutes ago. The film thus presents a dystopic reality where a bizarre virus has humankind in its tight hold.

The virus makes its host kind and non-violent. On paper, the proposition sounds nothing short of utopia, but its consequences are far from that, as the narrative continues to portray, ensuring that its storytelling remains a marked strength. Additionally, the film keeps the audience engaged throughout, concluding with the emphatic communication of all of these ideas.
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