Forever | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 6, 2020


By Eightfold Entertainment Production with 6.3

romance · Short Films

Forever is a story of love, loss and the inexorable passage of life which continues to move forward irrespective of any and all factors. The film opens with a close shot of a book and a note in it - a book about rules of love. The narrative progresses to reveal that this is more than just a usual romance. Instead, it has a darker reality waiting for the viewer right under the surface.

The story moves back and forth and adopts a non-linear manner to unfold. Despite the sense of loss that accompanies it, there is also an invocation of hope that always finds a way to triumph all darkness and defeat. Though the story-telling shows potential, the film would have benefited from a closer attention to camerawork and the general flow of events.
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