For a Slice of Pizza | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 24, 2023

For a Slice of Pizza

By Dhanvignesh Aamuri with 6.8

comedy · Short Films · telugu

The film ties together several disparate elements, and does so in a smooth manner. The story is marked by violence, corrupt politicians, paid assassins, an upright journalist and his steadfast refusal to cow down before the forces of corruption, and lastly, a slice of a pizza that comes to lie at the heart of it all.

After working for three years towards revealing the dubious activities of a powerful politician, a journalist has finally put his own life at stake in the pursuit of presenting the truth to the world. However, amidst this grand, selfless act, rests a sweetly petty desire, the desire to enjoy a slice of his favorite pizza before bidding goodbye to the world.

As the partaking of the pizza overlaps with the arrival of the protagonist's killer, things spiral completely out of control. The ensuing chaos offers the film’s core motivations, as well as the climax that finally segues into a balanced conclusion.
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