Finding Kartik Chhaya | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 5, 2021

Finding Kartik Chhaya

By Pratik Kharde with 6.7

horror · Short Films · hindi

The film shows smooth usage of the found footage genre to bring to life a deeply troubling reality. It goes the extra mile to create a convincing world for its narrative by creating an actual webpage mentioned at the start of the film, and deserves brownies points for the same.

The story is of a couple who has recently moved into a new house. However, not too long after it, they went missing, and now the only evidence left is a video which is presented to the viewer in the form of this short film.

The film offers a fresh and involving handling of the subject matter, bringing its own voice and approach to the premise. The couple shares a convincing chemistry, and on the whole Finding Kartik Chhaya comes across as an entertaining and involving final product. Though marked by a few rough edges, it is a welcome prospect to watch the team smoothen them out in their future projects and share them with the world.
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