Express Yourself | Sonu Nigam | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 9, 2020

Express Yourself

By Maaz Kazmi with 6.7

documentary · Short Films

The film endeavours to be a relevant comment on systemic misogyny, internalised patriarchy and the consequent, deep infestation of rape culture in the country. It would be erroneous to expect a nuanced, subtle commentary here, instead the narrative is meant as a simple, direct conversation with the viewer.

Sincere and honest in its attempt to talk of a cruel, barbaric reality where the most heinous sexual assaults have become commonplace, Express Yourself does its bit to add to the conversation on gender. The idea and its execution is further supplemented by Sonu Nigam's powerful voice, along with interviews with two activists on the front lines of the battle against patriarchy and sexism, allowing the documentary to put forth its views in a notable manner.
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