Ethayum Maatrum Kaadhaley | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 15, 2023

Ethayum Maatrum Kaadhaley

By Srikkanth Govindaraajan with 6.5

romance · Short Films · tamil

Arjun and Aakruthi want to get married, but a major conflict in their horoscopes holds them back. It is predicted that whoever Arjun marries will die an early and untimely death.

Arjun who wakes up every morning to pray for a luxurious life is associated with an organization that works with cancer patients, alongside another organization that is associated with marriages. Aakruthi, on the other hand, is an oncologist. All of these threads converge within the narrative when, in order to make their marriage possible, they hatch the plan to get Arjun married to a terminally ill cancer patient of Aakruthi’s, Kavya.

In the process, a story comes into existence that takes us deeper into the lives of Arjun and Kavya. Additionally, Kavya’s character is notably performed with sincerity. Arjun had lost his father to cancer which eventually led him to the work he now does. However, despite the selflessness that defined his father’s life, a life of privileges and wealth is what is truly important for him. All of these components find their respective places within the plot.

The question that remains inherent throughout is what would be the fate of this love triangle, specifically Kavya’s who battles for her life. The answer lies at the conclusion as the several parts are beaded together and presented to the viewer.
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