Eternal Recurrence | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 12, 2022

Eternal Recurrence

By Ajmal Hamsa with 6.8

experimental · Short Films · malayalam

The film adopts an experimental approach in its engagement with the passage of time, and the many ways it affects existence located within it. The visuals of a man lying in a field, are interspersed with those of people who perhaps constitute his life. Friends, family, love interests, life partners, the narrative invokes them all while traversing through primarily three stages of life.

The film moves forth, and the blooming field soon begins to inch towards barrenness. In the process, we are presented an exposition that invokes the ideas of youth, aging, old age, relationships and eventually, an end to this cycle. The approach remains devoid of dialogue throughout, and confined entirely to a space of abstraction.
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