Emotional Phool | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 31, 2023

Emotional Phool

By Basant Bhatt with 6.6

romance · Short Films

The film is an endearing, innocent romance between Rudra and Priyal. It is notably supported by the chemistry of its actors and the ease they bring to their performances. Rudra has an anger problem which is coupled with physical distance between them as Priyal moves to a different city. The film opens with a glimpse into this situation as an otherwise ordinary phone call between the two devolves into a heated disagreement.

The lovers deal with the many ups and downs of their relationship, endeavoring to forever keep moving forward. However, an unexpected development awaits Rudra on an otherwise happy day. As he arrives at the bus stop to receive Priyal, he finds himself faced with a rude shock.

The narrative develops as an attempt to portray several emotions - from heartache and hurt to disappointment and absolute despair. The film makes some unexpected choices for its music and ropes in dramatic progressions to share the story. On the whole, the result remains earnest, marked by lucidity and dedication.
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