Emiway Bantai - The Mind Behind | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day September 10, 2023

Emiway Bantai - The Mind Behind

By Niyantha Shekar with 7.3

documentary · Short Films · hindi

The documentary takes the viewer into the life of Indian rapper Emiway Bantai. From his struggles to his process of making music - the film engages with all the aspects of the creation of his art.

The first part of a series by Red Bull, the episode delves into the mind of the rapper and emerges with a detailed breakdown of his individual style of rapping. The film is an editing feat achieved most seamlessly, and yet, made to look effortless. Without its surreal, magical edit, very much in tandem with the theme of the episode and its subject, the film won't be the wonderful product it is. The subsequent episodes of the series will further introduce you to the processes and passion of actors, artists, standup comics, dancers, designers, filmmakers, athletes and more.
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