Emiway - Zaruratich Nai Hai | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 24, 2023

Emiway - Zaruratich Nai Hai

By Emiway Bantai with 7.3

music video · Short Films · hindi

The song is worthy of your attention if you're an admirer of Indian hip-hoppers and their commentary on contemporary times. The video in itself does not exhibit extraordinary visuals or camerawork. However, you would not want to let this aspect keep you away from the song once you start paying attention to the lyrics.

Emiway sings about his competition, asserting how he has been accepted by his fans. He draws the listener's attention to his "organic" fame, unlike those of his competitors who invest in marketing and self-promotion to get ahead. The song closes with the message that though everyone has enough to take care of their needs, in the desire to one-up one another, we often lose ourselves to the glamour of the world.
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