Ekaa: The Journey Begins | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 24, 2021

Ekaa: The Journey Begins

By 13th Ghost Productions with 6.7

drama · Short Films · malayalam

On a dark, stormy night, Amal, a man in his early thirties, parks his car by a roadside cart to buy a pack of cigarettes. However, the cart owner refuses to sell any, as he needs to quickly finish up and hurry back to his daughter.

Amal walks back to his car when a loud cry is heard from beyond the bushes. He steps inside to find an unconscious girl lying in the field. He gently wakes her up and offers a ride to the police station. The girl, Ekaa, however, refuses to give any information, communicating only in riddles. Intriguingly enough, she happens to know Amal’s wife’s name and that they are expecting a daughter.

Soon, the street lights go out, the weather turns to its worst and a dense, white fog looms over them, marking the advent of a string of strange events. Do the two characters have more in common than what meets the eye? Will the nature of their connection be scientific or supernatural? The narrative raises all of these questions, only to answer them at an even, gradual pace.
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