Ek Sutta | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 6, 2020

Ek Sutta

By Manmohan Singh with 6.7

dramedy · Short Films

The film is a hilarious account of a man trying to find himself a quiet corner to enjoy a cigarette. Following a national ban by the government on the sale of tobacco and related products, he finds himself in a quandary of sorts which gets more and more complicated as the narrative begins to unfold.

From his office prohibiting smoking to misadventures with friends that keep him away from that desired drag, the film becomes a seamless weaving together of a series of comedic moments. It is further marked by authentic performances and chemistry that ensure that the film is a fun, lighthearted and endearing watch about a man's struggle to truly achieve completion of his intention to smoke. However, even when he finally manages to procure a cigarette after what had seemed like endless endeavours, will the universe be kind enough to allow him this evasive moment of peace?
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