Ek Lakdi Thi | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month May 2021

Ek Lakdi Thi

By Tarannum Pasricha with 7.3

poetry · Short Films · hindi

sotmsoty 21 finalist
At first glance, the film is simply the story of a wooden stamp and her dreams and hopes. However, soon the narrative delves deeper and brings in a lovely comment about the idea of leaving behind a lasting imprint in your wake. The film's intentions thus come to be realized by combining the horizon of expectation set so far with the desire to be remembered in a manner that outlives your existence.

As the skilled first-person voiceover is coupled with sophisticated visuals, together they invoke seamless poetry and beautiful lyricism. This, in turn, ensures that the portrayal and the progression of events remains efficient throughout.

The plot development, color palettes and sound, all correspond to the same, ensuring that the entire creation comes together as a composite whole of several complementary parts, while simultaneously communicating its intentions lucidly to the viewer. The aesthetic and sense of calm it conjures is bound to stay with you long after you are done watching the film.
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I saw a beautiful block on a shelf, probably desperate to be dipped in ink and leave her imprint everywhere, and I felt like our fates were similar. This little lakdi (piece of wood) had probably gone through so much hammering to get to the level of delicate intricacy before me. So much potential, just sitting, hopeless, helpless, waiting on a shelf.

The block watches everything around her. So many other less intricate blocks get to leave their imprint again and again, but not her. She waits on the shelf, until she's finally rescued. The little girl is a metaphor too, for the child inside who, if you set free from the conditioning the world leaves you with, can set you free in return.
Tarannum PasrichaDirector, Ek Lakdi Thi