Ek Aur Chai | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 4, 2019

Ek Aur Chai

By Blush with 6.6

romance · Short Films

The short film attempts several things, but falls short of the mark. Though the premise holds potential, two former lovers meeting after a long time since their parting, it is not truly realised. Ek Aur Chai is marked by mawkish writing, tacky background score and an overall disappointing handling of the story that could have seen better execution.

The notable things about it are the strong performances of the protagonists and the expert cinematography. However both seem wasted in this overly sentimental film which, in a way, is also promoting the dysfunctionality of romantic equations. A boy who has been trying to move on for two years finally finds the closure he has been looking for. Just when the viewer begins to feel satisfied on his behalf, a text from the same former lover elicits such broad grins in him that you cannot help, but wonder at the futility of routing for him in the first place. The film also offers a convincing portrayal of a young woman who chose to move to a different city for a dream job even if it meant walking away from a near-perfect romance. She defends her choice in no unequivocal terms and that aspect of her personality is laudable. In the end, however, the dichotomy is suddenly presented to the viewer - a choice between love and career which, again, fails to convey its point, since just in the previous second the protagonists are shown discussing their career in a manner that involves working it out around their relationship, not without it. All in all, the film turns out to be an underwhelming product.
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