Ear Damage | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 1, 2022

Ear Damage

By Ninad Wani with 6.5

thriller · Short Films · english

The predominant action in 'Ear Damage' unfolds within a week, taking us into the fragile mental state of the protagonist, Rohan, in the brief span. The film chooses a non-linear narrative, along with a black and white palette to bring its reality to life. Soon, a world of extreme paranoia, obsession and fixation, nightmares and jitters is conjured for the viewer.

For Rohan, it started with an article he read about a man's ear getting infested with cockroaches. This is followed by him seeing the insects everywhere, in wakefulness and in nightmares. They consume his reality, as he gradually ends up taking a terribly dark path of self-harm and destruction. The cockroaches could be a metaphor for the various struggles of a young man at a crucial crossroads of life. Or they can simply be a projection of a mind fraught with anxieties and trauma.

The film leaves that open to the viewer's interpretation. It further exhibits potential in weaving a narrative, and employing different tools, be it the palette or the background score of Western Classical music, to achieve the same. Despite showing the need of a firmer hold on its sound, 'Ear Damage' concludes as what could perhaps be a seminal first step on a long road of storytelling.
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