Dulhan No. 1 | Ahsaas Channa, Apoorva Arora | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 13, 2019

Dulhan No. 1

By Sumit Kumar with 6.7

comedy · Short Films · hindi

Two women and two weddings, but only one wedding photographer - this is the premise of Dulhan No. 1. As the brides-to-be fight it out in the photographer's office, the film offers several moments of slapstick humour.

It is the wedding season and the film is seemingly a conscious decision to talk about it, but with a twist. It also raises the very essential question in a lighthearted manner - does a grand wedding ensure a happy marriage? It achieves all of this without sounding didactic and preachy, and thus succeeds in using comedic timing in a smooth manner.
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