Drug Menace | Benny Dayal | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 2, 2020

Drug Menace

By Rhituraj Dutta with 6.5

drama · Short Films · hindi

As hands move swiftly to package and ready substances to be sold to potential clients in one corner of the room, two men sit begging a drug lord for a favour, and perhaps, also forgiveness for a mistake they have committed, in another. Little is this party of people aware of what's unfolding outside their quarters - a group of policemen readying themselves for a raid at this hideout.

After this, events follow in a quick succession, marked by violence as well as a flashback that takes the viewer into the gradual descent of the protagonist into the world of addiction, and the adverse manner in which it comes to affect his life.

The film, an endeavour in raising awareness about the work being done in rehabilitating substance abusers, has noble intentions at its heart, which are presented forth in a sincere manner for the audience. It further wants to be educational and informative, emphasising the importance of seeking help, as well as reminding the viewer, that recovery is indeed possible. It is tied together by Benny Dayal's vocals who summarises these intentions in a melodious song. However, in terms of technicalities, the film could have gained from a little fine-tuning in its sound and dubbing department.
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