Dropout Daughters | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 19, 2022

Dropout Daughters

By Marooned Films with 6.6

documentary · Short Films

At the heart of the documentary lies a very compelling issue - the education of young women, along with the many ways society and the world fails them at every stage. It tackles it by taking us into the hinterland of Rajasthan, and drawing the viewer's attention to primarily the experiences of four girls, Jeena, Indira, Varsha and Basanti.

From the pandemic to alcoholism to injuries and lack of proper health facilities, all of them become issues that plague their lives, with their education being the final fatality of them all. Even though the narratorial progression could gain from a little more coherent weaving of its various events, it exhibits potential in its visual storytelling, as well as the desire to share its intentions with the world.
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