Drohin: Aarambh | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 2, 2024

Drohin: Aarambh

By Nilay Shah with 7

sci fi · Short Films · hindi

The deep infestation of technology and the extremely destructive pitfalls of the same form the narrative of the film. Society’s extreme dependence on smartphones and the internet, and the myriad ways it has left them enslaved without their realization is critiqued by the film in the most earnest manner.

Visual treatment with edits and stylistically fitting music choices further support the endeavor. The story comprises two main characters Dharma and Piyu, and the most heartbreaking tragedy that is intertwined in this love story.

The film is located in Ahmedabad where the city is targetted by an unknown man, the eponymous Drohin. While introducing the viewer to all of these aspects, the film presents an origin story, a first step, and a self-professed prelude to a longer story, leaving the door open with the promise of subsequent parts.
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