Don’t Touch Me | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 17, 2022

Don’t Touch Me

By Aditya Santosh Kumar with 7

dramedy · Short Films · hindi

An unsuspecting auto driver in a corner of Mumbai one day stumbles across a bag containing an exorbitant amount of money and valuables. One phone call to his wife, Arti, reveals from her accent that she belongs to a vastly different part of the country, Uttar Pradesh. As the two squabble over individual differences, and mull over different options to use the money to their advantage, the many investments and businesses that can be bolstered by it, or whether to return it, a parallel story is developing.

We are then presented with a pair of corrupt, but harmless, cops, along with the same nexus of UP and Maharashtra in their origins. The two continue to indulge in playful squabbling, and soon find their path overlapping with the perplexed couple who, unbeknownst to them, struggles to make up their mind about the bag.

The film weaves an entertaining, humorous narrative, held together by its performances, writing and narratorial progression. At the heart of it lies an endearing, uplifting message about the kindness and generosity of human nature, which allows the end result to be a perfect watch on a rainy day, or any time when you simply need your belief restored in humanity.
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