Don’t Call Me Corona | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 21, 2020

Don’t Call Me Corona

By Eureka Apta with 7

music video · Short Films · hindi

While the coronavirus pandemic has revealed a beautiful side of humanity in terms of community, as well as an indomitable spirit that refuses to give up, it has also revealed a far darker, twisted aspect of our personality. The racism meted out to the people from the north eastern part of the country, simply because high cheekbones and the size of someone's eyes is similar to that of the Chinese, also the country of the origin of the Coronavirus, is undeniable and brazen in the wake of the health crisis.

The rap video draws attention to the same issue in an eloquent manner, reminding us once again of the cruelty inherent in an act of discrimination, and all that someone undergoes when subjected to it. The music video is loud and clear in its message and leaves the viewer with an emphatic rejection of this particular form of racism in India.
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