Divine Decree | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 19, 2020

Divine Decree

By Arnav Sharma with 6.5

fantasy · Short Films · english

The film is an engagement with thoughts about the self, the haunting nature of memory and a deep angst the protagonist struggles with. There is also the mention of a divine force that takes care of the events in your life, and perhaps means you well, especially when you feel things are not going your way. However, what happens when you find yourself trapped in a cyclical pattern of the same thoughts that bother you and ensure you never break out of this torture - is it something the divine force has decreed for your growth or are you doomed to a fate of endless pain and misery?

The film raises this question and attempts a notable background score to pronounce and amplify its thoughts further. The smooth edit further allows it to put forth a narrative exhibiting potential and leaving the door open with promise of more such projects by the young team.
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