Did You/Fall Apart | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 15, 2020

Did You/Fall Apart

By Ashwyn Goveas with 7

music video · Short Films · hindi

Using Prateek Kuhad's soulful vocals as its background score, the video invokes a story of tragedy, love, companionship and a struggle that is accompanied by devastating aftereffects. A couple battles a personal loss following an accident which leaves one of them blind. The story comes to give a glimpse into their life of trying to overcome the obstacle with their love and devotion towards each other.

The video conjures a sense of calmness with its visuals and general vibe, one which is in direct contrast with the upheavals in the lives of its characters. It is further an attempt at capturing pain and all that it leaves in its wake, and succeeds at presenting the viewer with a notable narrative.
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