Devika | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 14, 2021


By Ankit Singha with 6.4

drama · Short Films · bengali

Several housewives in India are often reduced to the domestic chores they are responsible for. With little to no repayment of any kind for their emotional and physical labour, they are further deprived of their individuality. The film explores the experiences of one such woman who still holds on to reading her favourite childhood books, perhaps even as a means of escape, even if momentarily so, from her oppressive husband.

Despite being tied to household chores that form the predominant part of her routine, she still finds herself turning to her stories for comfort. More than marriage, it is her evidently patriarchal husband who keeps her from only a single hobby that she allows herself, when she can truly enjoy simply being on her own.

However, sometimes it is the little acts which become the biggest step towards the road to freedom and agency, and it is this realisation that the film seeks to leave its viewer with, conveyed using a pivotal decision that the protagonist takes at the conclusion of the story.
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