Delayed | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 24, 2022


By Elizer Bareh with 6.6

action · Short Films · khasi

A moment in time, a call for help that doesn't arrive, and a single man’s battle against delinquency and the seedy world of crime - it is in these elements that the film is presented to the viewer. The plot, however, is not simply confined to this single moment, but also stretches to include what preceded it, as well as a gradual establishment of developments that will constitute the action that is to follow.

The screenplay exhibits investment of thought, along with skill in the performance. It is only a slight dip in the visuals that robs the film of points it otherwise scores in other departments. As the title is pronounced, the story finally concludes with a situation that has only begun to come into existence, thereby leaving one with the promise of a subsequent part.
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