Darrr | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 29, 2021


By The Highway Films with 6.8

educational · Short Films · hindi

Moonlit sky, chirping crickets and an isolated, poorly-lit courtyard set-up a dark, moody tone for the film. A young man seated on a comfortable khatiya is seen enjoying famous songs of Indian cinema on his mobile phone. After some fidgeting, he decides to put his phone aside, turn the electric bulbs off, and light up candle lanterns instead, in preparation for going to bed.

Soon, the sky grows darker, clouds thunder, and an eerie atmosphere prevails, marking the presence of an uninvited guest. Set in the time of Covid-19, the film uses horror and satire to spread the message of human wellbeing, urging its viewers to follow safety protocols. It emphasizes the dangers of the pandemic and how one needs to tread lightly in a world that grapples with a pandemic.
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