D-301| Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 6, 2021


By Rohan Rajwardhan with 6.5

thriller · Short Films · hindi

The short film begins at a grim note - a man has just entered the office of a mental health expert to talk about a strange experience. Hesitant at first, he soon opens up when the doctor ensures him that this is indeed a safe space.

The account he shares involves being stuck in a strange house that eventually led him to a time period and era long gone by. The film paces itself out while weaving the tale, attempting to invoke a world that is over three decades old.

The protagonist is overwhelmed by the absurdity of it all, and yet feels the desperate need to share it with someone. Further, there is also the attempt to briefly discuss issues of mental health for the uninitiated. After this session and a medication prescription, he hopes this would be the end of his troubles, but would that truly be the case? Additionally, the narrative leaves a few loose ends, whether deliberately or otherwise. It would be interesting to see them tied up in subsequent chapters of the story.
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