Custody | Pick of the Festival Circuit

soty finalist July 22, 2020


By Ambiecka Pandit with 7.5

drama · Short Films

soty finalist
The film follows a non-linear narrative to give a glimpse into the life of a group of friends preparing to have a little celebration around New Year's time. It juxtaposes a chaotic, anxiety-ridden situation of a hospital, against a potentially cheery night of drinking, fun and frolic. Expectedly, this only serves to involve the viewer deeper into the story.

The narrative develops most seamlessly and effortlessly, putting forth its dilemmas and stressors in a convincing manner. It is further embellished with strong performances, notable chemistry between the actors and the perfect capturing of tension that comes to form the core of the film. Attempting an engagement with the ideas of guilt, accountability, carelessness that leads to life-altering disasters, agony and relationship dynamics, Custody proves to be a well-paced, balanced product that remains an engrossing viewing experience throughout.
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